Mercat Del Riurau, Jesús Pobre, Spain



Jesús Pobre may be a small traditional Spanish village nestled in the heart of the Montgo National Park, but every Sunday from June to September between the hours of 6pm and 11pm, the world and his wife can be found enjoying the Mercat Del Riurau in the main village square. This a village market where you can taste the local produce and buy directly from the farmers, bakers and crafts people, much the same as the farmers markets we get back at home in the UK. Seasonal, organic and local produce is in abundance and there is live music to accompany as you shop and taste the local food and wine. We bought a selection of Spanish Empanadas which is a stuffed bread or pastry (similar to a Cornish Pasty) and then baked or fried. Traditionally in Latin America they are stuffed with spiced beef, but in Spain seasonal vegetables are often used as a filling. We tried one, stuffed with peas and another with tomatoes, but our favourite empanada contained juicy, garlicky spinach. We ate them as a picnic on the beach the following day and they went down a treat. We finished off the evening with a bottle of chilled red and a Queso Raclette Fundido, which quite simply is melted cheese on a toasted piece of bread with vegetables or ham. The smell of the cheese was simply too much to resist, so we spent €4 each and tucked in. It may have been a cheap supper but the flavours ensured we felt that we were dining like kings!

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