Goan Fish Curry

If you have read my blog before you will be well aware that my hubby and I love fish and seafood. However, my other half always maintains that fish has no place being in a curry. When he saw me making this dish the other day he, exclaimed ‘oh thats risky’, indicating that there was a chance that he wasn’t going to enjoy the dish!

I took the recipe from  Lean in 15 by Joe Wicks ; a book full of healthy recipes and fitness ideas, which you can complete in just 15 minutes. I’ve tried out several recipes already but this is definitely one of my favourites. For the full story click here


Ricotta fritters with tomato sauce & courgette salad

This tasty dish went down a treat when my son’s vegetarian girlfriend came to stay and it was also enjoyed by the rest of my carnivorous family. The recipe is taken from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals and I would definitely cook it again. For the full story click here.


Watercress Soup

This delicious soup has always been a winner in our household, whether it is served as an Amuse-bouche, a simple starter or as a hearty bowl for lunch or supper. For the full story click here


Crispy Polenta Chicken Caesar Salad

This hearty salad from Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook is suitable as a main meal at lunchtime or supper and is probably one of the best caesar salads I have ever tasted. For the full story click here

Sticky Kicking Chicken with Watermelon, Radish and Noodle Salad

Sticky Kicking Chicken with Watermelon, Radish and Noodle Salad

I really enjoy cooking Jamie Oliver’s recipes, and with the kids home from university, his recipes offer a youthful approach to family cooking which seems to appeal to their tastes. Dont get me wrong, they still enjoy traditional home cooking, but they also like to try new dishes, just as much as I enjoy experimenting with new flavours, ingredients and techniques. I have used Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook several times over the summer break and I am going to post the best three recipes to date, as voted by the family, the first dish being the delicious and extremely attractive Sticky Kicking Chicken. For the full story click here


Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée

I recently visited a local restaurant (The Green) for lunch as part of a work related event and for pudding I ordered a Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée. Whilst I didn’t ask the chef for the recipe I thought that the combination worked really well. So with my age-old cheat recipe from a Cooking for Two Sainsburys cookbook committed to memory, (I don’t even have this recipe any more) I began to shake up my life some what by introducing a little passion (fruit) into the situation! Click here for the recipe

Turbot alla Livornese

Turbot alla Livornese

My husband loves fish so when I have the time to really cook something different, I try to ensure I source the freshest fish possible and that usually means heading to our local fish stall on a Saturday morning. I wasn’t sure what type of fish to choose when I visited yesterday, but I knew I wanted to make a Livornese sauce to accompany whichever fish I selected. I have only recently learnt about this sauce after watching one of the Masterchef contestants, under the guidance of the wonderful Massimo Bottura, create the most beautiful fish dish with a Livornese sauce. This sauce originates from Livorno in Tuscany and whilst it is a relatively simple recipe the flavours are heavenly. The taste of the sea, ripe tomatoes and hint of garlic immediately transport you to the world of mediterranean cuisine. The dish feels healthy yet at the same time, indulgent and the colour of the sauce looks stunning on the plate. Click here for the recipe

Tortellini with spinach and ricotta

Tortellini with spinach and ricotta

One of my favourite pasta dishes at La Tasca in Jesus Pobre in Spain, is their Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with a butter sauce, although their parmesan cream sauce is pretty spectacular too.

For the purpose of this recipe I have combined inspiration taken from La Tasca with a smattering of Carluccio’s flavours. I hope you find this dish as delicious as my family do and whether you serve it as a starter or a main course it is sure to please. Click here for the recipe


Canapé Recipe - Crab Crostini

Canapé Recipe – Crab Crostini

Over the next few months I aim to post a variety of recipe ideas for canapés, so I’m starting by sharing my favourite nibble. Crab Crostini is one of the quickest and easiest recipes I know and the visual impact is very pleasing. This is primarily because when the green and chilli is added to the crab meat it gives the canapé a jewelled effect. However if If the look doesn’t tempt you then I guarantee that the taste will, as the freshness of the flavours makes your taste buds come alive.

This recipes is from Nigella Lawson’s book Nigella Christmas, but the recipe can also be found on numerous sites on the internet. Click here for the recipe


Mackerel Salad with Beetroot and Horseradish Cream

Midweek I am always in a rush to find something quick and easy to make for supper and a simple salad or snack is usually the answer. We all know that fish and particularly oily fish is good for us, so last week I plumped for peppered mackerel. The recipe for this chosen dish is simply based on   on a salad I tasted in a local cafe a last year. I recall at the time I was impressed with the combinations of flavours and pleased with myself that I had made such a good choice for lunch.

Mackerel has quite an intense flavour with creamy meat, so I knew I needed something sharp and possibly sweet to cut through the oil and compliment the robustness of the fish. With this in mind I selected beetroot as an accompaniment and just to add an extra kick I combined horseradish and Creme Fraiche to create a cream dressing for the salad. The crunchy and creamy textures combined with the sweetness of the beetroot and the heat from the Horseradish work extremely well together. This results in a salad which is not only scrumptious, but packed with healthy produce and perfect for a mid-week supper. Try it and I bet it will put a spring in your step! Click here for the recipe


Pork Pies with Chilli

A chilli Pork Pie is a first for me, and so on my return home from a recent trip to York,  I was determined to master the art of making hot water pastry and secondly, to make a Pork Pie with a chilli filling.

I didn’t have a recipe but my mother-in-law kindly gave me her well worn Home Recipes Book for Be-Ro flour which contained a family favourite recipe for Pork Pies. I also had a quick look on the internet and found various recipes and methods to make Pork Pies, but I took the lead from the following two recipes.  The Chilli Fennel Seed Pork Pie on Joseph Piper website appealed to me as it did not require the addition of jelly to be poured into the pie after cooking. Mr Vikkis Chilli Jam Pork Pies also caught my eye as I really wanted to ensure the pies had a chilli centre. My final recipe for the pies is therefore based on the pastry recipe from Joseph Piper and the filling from ideas gleaned from Mr Vikki’s recipe. The result was extremely pleasing and received my husbands royal approval. However, as we all know Pork Pies are highly calorific, but a little bit of ‘naughty but nice‘ doesn’t hurt once in a while. Just be sure you have some friends round to eat them with you, with a cold beer or cider on hand, because they are at their best when they are still a little warm, crumbly and extremely moreish. Click Here for the recipe


Scrambled Egg with Avocado

I have been aware of the health benefits of eating avocados for quite some time and have been thinking about ways to incorporate this fruit into my diet, so today was the day to try something new. Originally I was simply going to slice a boiled egg and the avocado on toast but after a quick search I came across the website which listed 10 Ways to Eat and Avocado for Breakfast. However, it was the suggestion to use the avocado with scrambled eggs which caught my eye and I was intrigued to find out whether these two ingredients would work together. The the combination of the avocado with the scrambled eggs made the dish even creamier and if you are an egg lover I recommend you give this a try. Click here for the recipe


Rhubarb and Ginger Dessert

When something is in season I always think I should make the most of the opportunity. I recently spotted a display of delicious looking rhubarb in my local shop and I knew I had in mind a recipe I wanted to try. Only a few nights ago I watched an old episode of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall cooking with fruit and he inspired me with the various combinations of fruit, creams, custards and toppings. So with this in mind I decided to experiment and make my own variation on this theme. The result is delicious and has been a hit with both family and friends and I imagine it will be a favourite recipe for many years to come. Click here for the recipe 


Sea Bass with spring greens and Champagne cream sauce

This dish is based on Fred Forster’s recipe for Sea Bass and Champagne Sauce. Fred is Head Chef at the Boundary Restaurant in Shoreditch, London. The main tweak that I made was that I added brown shrimps. The preparation took time, but the cooking and plating of the food at the end was quite frenetic. However, the taste and approval from my guests made it extremely worthwhile. Click here for the recipe


Confit of Duck with oranges and pomegranate dressing

 This recipe was inspired by a starter dish I tasted at The Green Restaurant in Sherborne, Dorset. I didn’t really have a recipe I just based my idea on their design and flavour of the dish. However I did base the confit of duck on a recipe I found on the Gressingham Duck website. Click here for the recipe

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